Hi, I hope you enjoyed my website, and had no trouble finding any information that you wanted to find. I really was happy when I was making this website, and was interested in the state of Wyoming. If you have any questions on findinf info or just a question on the state itself, just comment on this blog.
Well the state of Wyoming is a gorgeous state, and has many tourist attractions. Many people go across the entire U.S to go and see the great outdoors of the Mid-West and Mountain-West regions. From Yellowstone to Cheyenne, the whole state is the dreamland of vacations. Havong a good climate and rivers running through the state, everyone should go and visit the Cowboy State.
10/19/2012 07:19:37 am

Nice site! I'm sure you were saying "yee haw" the whole time you were making this.

10/19/2012 07:20:53 am

The site is really cool!! :)

Michael (author of the site)
10/19/2012 07:51:12 am

Thanks, and yes Tatum I was saying "yee haw" the whole time. Especially when I put the horse picture on my letter.

10/19/2012 08:55:04 am

Hi! Nice website! can you put a picture of a climate graph?& one quick thing, on Human Environment Interaction, for population you said by... but I think you meant but (: okkayyy byee.

10/27/2012 04:58:08 am

Hey I love your wesite!! What are some other fun facts about Wyoming?

10/30/2012 12:06:20 pm

Hey, what was the most interesting thing you learned about Wyoming?

Michael (author of site)
11/2/2012 07:48:10 am

Thanks everybody, and the most interesting thing I learned in the process of this website was probably the population density being less than six people per square mile. And another fun fact is that Yellowstone national park was the first national park in the United State of America.

Mad Person
1/23/2017 04:58:01 pm

There is no Human Environment Interaction information for Wyoming, just the definition.

Michael (author of site)
1/23/2017 04:59:47 pm

I don't care what you have to say, nobody will notice the information is missing.

Michael (author of site)
1/23/2017 05:01:12 pm

i a idout. i no idae ho to thinc


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